About us

"P.ART" was founded in 2005.
Before its establishment, founders and specialists of the company have gained excessive experience in PR and political technologies. During 1996-2004 our specialists have been holding top management positions in various TV companies and news-analyzing agencies, and were co-authors and editors of many TV projects. During the same period our specialists were also PR- advisers and PR-managers of Armenian companies in banking and financial industry, as well, as in other sectors of economy. Quite a big experience was also gained in the area of political technologies.
Particularly, starting from 1996 our specialists were PR Technologists and PR Consultants in all elections held (presidential, parliamentary, and municipal).
Our specialists also have given peer assessments and consulting to various Governmental projects and legal amendments.
Today P-Art is providing services to various Armenian companies from economic and political sectors, as well as in the area of show-business and TV projects.


Karen Kocharyan

Executive Director, Founder

Vigen Hakobyan

Director of Development, Founder