Armenia to host world championship for What? Where? When? Intellectual game in 2016

In 2016, Armenia will be hosting the world championship for the “What? Where? When?” intellectual game. This is what RA Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan told journalists during an August 11 press conference, reports
“Armenia had submitted to the international association for the “What? Where? When?” game an application to host the world championship of the game in Armenia next year. We had appealed to the International Association of Clubs, and just a couple of days ago, we received a confirmation letter from President Kozlov of the Association stating that the chairmanship had confirmed the application of the Armenian Association of Experts to host the world championship in Armenia in 2016,” said Armen Ashotyan. The minister informed that he would be coordinating the organizing of the championship and that President of the Armenian Association of Experts Tigran Kocharyan would be involved with executive affairs.
“Our colleagues will arrive in Armenia in a couple of weeks so that they can become familiar with how the championship is being organized. In September, we’ll start preparing for the world championship of the “What? Where? When? game,” said Ashotyan.
Armen Ashotyan also mentioned that he and Tigran Kocharyan would be attending this year’s championship in Georgia.