More than 170 companies and 60.000 visitors expected to take part in DigiTec Expo

More than 170 companies will take part in the 12nd annual DigiTec Expo which is going to be held from September 30 to October 2 in Yerevan Expo center.

The Expo is expected to host more than 60.000 visitors, Deputy Economy Minister of Armenia Emil Tarasyan said.

“Year by year DigiTec gets a new impetus, includes new formats. Last year more than 150 organizations took part, more than 40.000 visitors were registered which was unprecedented. As you know, such events are a great opportunity to enhance the country’s image”, he said. The Deputy Minister said the community is united across the Expo, the companies are getting a chance to establish new contacts.

“The investors’ interest is being satisfied in that Expo when they immediately get acquainted with the product and establish ties with the representatives of the organizations”, he said.

Executive Director of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises Karen Vardanyan said after the April events all the ceremonies, including also the 12nd DigiTech will bear the consequences of that events. “Many companies will present such technologies which will raise Armenia’s defense. As you know, we have announced an engineering sector mobilization in April, and I want to inform that during these four months a number of works have been conducted. Various technological parts of those works will be presented which will serve basis for the creation of new weapons and arms in Armenia”, Karen Vardanyan said.

Vardanyan said today already Russian, German, Indian, US companies have confirmed their participation in the DigiTech. “These companies will not only take part in the Expo, but also they will hold important events for Armenia. For instance, one of the Russian companies will hold a conference for the newly established Armenian companies, those, who will make proposals on smartcity idea, will be selected and financed”, Karen Vardanyan said.

“Armat” laboratories will be presented in the Expo. Currently they are already installed in 133 schools of the Republic, this number will be reached to 150 until DigiTech”, he said.

Director of Marketing and Communication at Ucom Tigran Safaryan said DigiTech is one of most important exhibitions of Armenia. He said Ucom has always given importance to the technology development since the technological solutions are the basis of any economy. “This year is special for us since it is the first year we are going to be presented as a mobile operator. We will offer new services which will be presented in-detail in our booth”, Tigran Safaryan said.